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We are not regulated and are much easier to deal with. We provide applications only for requests under $100,000, which means you simply fill out a credit application, provide bank statements, and a decision is made within 24 hours. For larger requests, company financial statements will be requested, and decisions are typically made within 48 hours.  
There are many reputable finance companies, but we consider ourselves to be one of the best. We pride ourselves on honoring our word, doing what is right, and providing fair rates.

A completed application and bank statements. If an application request is over $100K, the last two fiscal year-end company financial statements, and even better, year-to-date financial statements if available.

Yes. A person reviews every request that comes in. We pride ourselves on being responsive, understanding the big picture, and making practical credit decisions.

Yes.  We will work directly, if needed, with the vendor to finalize invoicing and payment instructions including the need to make progress payments.

In expedited circumstances, payment could occur within 48 hours of credit approval.

Take 10-15 minutes to complete an application and secure upload bank statements to start the underwriting process.
Credit decisions in 24 hours, each application is review by a person, customer credit decisions and can fund as quickly as 48 hours.
All states except California, New York and Southern Florida. We fund all asset types except Agriculture, Energy, Cannabis, Aircraft, Watercraft, and Railcars
Apply, once approval is received provide information needed to fund, execute documents, and receive funding.
Not difficult at all, complete an application, provide bank statements and receive a decision within 24 hours.
It can take as quickly as 48 hours if needed.
We are flexible in the structures we offer. Will consider 100% financing and loan terms up to 84 months depending on the asset financed.
Most of our loans are less than $500,000. Will consider larger requests on a case by case basis.
Repayment terms can be up to 84 months depending on the asset
Yes, will consider installation and delivery costs.
We are a direct lender and don’t act as a broker.
Direct ACH is required for all loans.
Financing equipment helps you retain more cash on hand to support growth and navigate unexpected challenges.
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