Manufacturing Equipment Financing

If you want to get ahead of your manufacturing competitors, you will need the right tools at the right time. AILCO provides manufacturing industry financing for businesses operating within the sector. Our financing services address the unique needs and challenges faced by manufacturers every day. We support capital purchases, robotics/automation investments, equipment repairs, and tooling.

When you work with AILCO you are working with real humans, not automated responses and processes. We learn our client’s needs very well and work with them based on their particular situation to finance the manufacturing equipment they need, but struggle to have the financing for. We pride ourselves on working with customers even when they are in a bind.

*We do not help with personal loans, car loans, or personal debt consolidation loans

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Manufacturing Equipment Financing Benefits

Are you in need of an equipment loan? Are you having unexpected cash flow issues that make it tough to invest in your equipment? Are you expanding your business? If you are having trouble getting financial assistance for equipment, we can help. We cater specifically to your situation and can work with you to get exactly what you need. Here are a few of our benefits when it comes to equipment financing:

  • Cash Flow: AILCO knows you often need specialized machinery and equipment to do the job. Our financing includes equipment financing loan options to help you acquire the necessary machinery without tying up substantial capital on the front end.
  • Term Loans: If you are taking on a project such as expanding a production facility, you may need a term loan to assist with executing your growth strategy. Our term loans typically last no more than 60 months and we offer up to 100% financing.
  • Speed: At AILCO, we recognize the importance of a swift response from your lender to seize new opportunities without the burden of excessive red tape and documentation. Our loans are tailored to your specific circumstances, enabling quick approval and faster equipment deployment.
  • Multi-Industry: We accommodate the diverse needs of many different types of manufacturing facilities, some being automotive, apparel, food, computer and electronic, and many others.

AILCO plays a crucial role in supporting the growth, innovation, and sustainability of manufacturing businesses by offering access to capital, facilitating investment in equipment, and addressing the unique financial needs of the sector.

Equipment repairs or upgrades occurring unexpectedly can greatly impact your business. AILCO’s equipment financing loans cover the things you don’t have the time to wait on. We are proud to finance equipment throughout the continental United States, except in New York, California, and Dade County, Florida. We do not provide personal loans.

Types of Manufacturing Equipment We Finance

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Other Industries We Finance Equipment For

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